Payon is an “Indonesia Western” restaurant concept with the theme of flowers and a garden which is a place to enjoy Indonesian food and drinks as well as ice and desserts in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with family, friends and relations. We ourselves are more focused on Indonesian cuisine “Real Indonesia Authentic Taste”. Our mission is to make customers who come to Payon experience an interesting and unforgettable experience while dining at Payon. We are committed to being the best Indonesian restaurant in Semarang


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restaurant with indoor garden concept to share special moments

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steak terenak di semarang


Steak at Payon uses selected beef and processed in the best way. So the taste and texture are very juicy

Nasi Cumi Hitam

Black squid rice is one of the typical Indonesian foods originating from East Java. The spices mixed with the natural ink from the squid make it look attractive. Black, but nice and tasty
Iga sapi bakar

Iga Sapi Bakar

Iga Bakar Payon is a food made from high quality beef ribs, has a perfect blend of spicy sweet and savory flavors
Dutch deep fried, breadcrumbed, meat filled balls.
Sop Jagung
Clear Chicken Corn Soup
Spaghetti Bolognese
Simple Italian tomato based sauce made with diced tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil served with sphagetti/ penne and minced beef.
Fish & Chips Guacamole
Classic beer batter fish and chips served with guacamole sauce.
Nasi Langgi
Steam rice served with “empal”, boiled egg, slice egg, fried noodle, crispy soybean, spicy chicken liver, braised tofu and “ kering tempeh” with spices grated coconut as dressing, and shrimp crackers, fried chili.
Rawon Surabaya
East Java soup made from beef with a special kluwek nut spice.
Nasi Goreng Nelayan
Traditional green fried rice cooked with salted fish and lime leaves served with sunny egg, chicken satay and shrimp crackers.
Ayam Bakar Taliwang
Char grilled chicken mixed with Taliwang style sauce
Flower Tea
health tea with various advantages
Es Cendol Payon
Iced sweet dessert that contains green rice flour jelly, coconut milk, palm sugar and jackfruit.
Es Buko Pandan
Popular Filipino dessert made using young coconut and pandan leaves with jelly.
Es Kelapa Muda Gula Jawa
Traditional Indonesian drink with young coconut, basil seeds and palm sugar
Es Kelapa Muda Jeruk
Traditional Indonesian drink with young coconut, orange, basil seeds and nata de coco
Es Campur Payon
Shredded ice with combination of jackfruit,pacarcina, coconut meat, grassjelly, sugarpalm fruit, jelly, avocado with syrup and condensed milk.
Es Teler Gajahmada
Shredded ice with of jackfruit, coconut meat, grassjelly, sugarpalm fruit, avocado with mocca syrup and condensed milk.
Es Doger Segar Manis
Sweet coconut milk based ice in pink syrup with avocado, cassava tapai, coconut meat, grassjelly, jackfruit, diced bread and condensed milk.


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Jl. Pleburan Raya No.12, Pleburan Kec. Semarang Selatan, Kota Semarang
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