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Making the delicious premium food since 2019


our story

We are locally crafted food

In restaurnant we provide the best quality food typical of Korea.

Traditional dishes with selected ingredients as well as halal, make our food very appetizing.


delicious menu


Dosirak is a complete menu package with a choice of side dishes, salads, meats and soups


 Soup We use the best spices. You will feel the Korean atmosphere when eating it. There is a choice of seafood and beef with a choice of spicy and non-spicy flavors

Sharing set

Our sharing set menu will make you closer to family, friends and couples. The very complete filling makes it our signature menu. Some menu options include sindang tteokboki, Budaejjigae and Beef Budaejjigae menus


Our noodle menu is a noodle with the best texture and gives a new flavor with the characteristics of Korean noodles. Feel the sensation of eating noodles while watching drakor

Curry Rice

Our curry rice menu is Korean-style curry rice which is one of the favorite dishes in Korea. This curry sauce is stuffed with various vegetables and meats

Rice Bowl

Our rice bowl menu uses a typical Korean sauce with a healthy menu of various vegetables such as the bibimbab menu. And for the menu of other rice bowl options is the best menu in Korea


Kimbap is recommended as the best kimbap, kimbab is a Korean dish made from cooked rice and ingredients such as vegetables, fish, and meat rolled up in dried seaweed sheets and served in bite-sized slices


Our tteokbokki is a Korean dish of rice flour cooked in a spicy and sweet gochujang seasoning. The rice flour used is in the form of an elongated round bar. This food is also included in the best international food


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